Who owns this site?

The domain for www.etikaworldnetwork.com was purchased in December 2018 by Abe of BlockHead Gaming with the intention to work with Desmond to build an official storefront to combat knockoffs. 


How did you reinstate Etika’s Merch store?

This storefront is separate from the tee-spring set up a while ago. This storefront was never reinstated, as it launched posthumously. Where do the profits go? - 100% of all profits off Etika merchandise purchased from this website will be donated to www.NAMI.org in Desmond’s name. We chose this organization because of its mission statement, impact, and high charity rating. We wholeheartedly believe that this money raised will go towards a good cause.


Does the quality of these products match Etika’s old Merch?

Yes they do.


Did Desmond give his blessing to build this website?

Yes. The initial 1.0 version of this website was being built with Desmond’s blessing. The intention of the website was to be a gateway to his fans for announcements, merch, and securing higher gigs/sponsors outside of Youtube & Twitch. Those plans changed in Spring 2019.


How do I know you’re giving 100% of profits to NAMI?

We will be providing reports on the tribute page and on the BlockHead Twitter account on where the profits go.


I’ve put in the wrong Shipping / Billing address:

Email us at hello@blockheadgaming.com or DM us on Twitter at blockheadstudios with your order number and request and we will fix the issue for you. Since these item are made to order any mistake may cause delays. 


What charity are the profits going to?

100% of all profits are going towards NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, in Desmond’s name. You can read more on NAMI at www.NAMI.org


Can you add X?

Email us at hello@blockheadgaming.com or DM us on Twitter at blockheadstudios with your request and we’ll see what we can do.


I’m uncomfortable giving money to you, but still, want to donate

That’s fair. We are donating 100% of all profits to www.NAMI.org in Desmond’s name, you are more than welcome to do the same.