Portrait of Etika - The Etika Mural Part 2



Alastor Figurine

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Etika, aka Desmond Amofah, was an internet personality known for his energetic reactions, particularly to Nintendo products and gaming / pop-culture news. Over a period of five and a half years, Etika gained over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 120,000 followers on Instagram. In addition to his online persona, he was a talented actor, singer-songwriter, model, video editor, Speaker, Host, and above all, a Friend. The EtikaWorldNetwork has amassed an audience in the hundreds of thousands encompassing people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds.May 12, 1990 - June 19, 2019.This website will commit 100% of its profits towards NAMI, the National Association of Mental Illness, in Desmond's name. #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER.For more details on how profits will be spent please visit the main website: https://etikaworldnetwork.com/or feel free to contact BLOCKHEAD GAMING: hello@blockheadgaming.com